"The Breting 12 Receiver" by Joe Patrick

Little did I realize the journey I was about to take from simply reading an online craigslist© ad – it was an estate-sale advertisement
for liquidating the contents of a once very active Pittsburgh-area electronic repair shop....

My Breting 12 purchase is a big, heavy, solidly-constructed 50+-pound receiver with an 18-gauge chrome-plated chassis
and transformers, and highly-polished Aluminum tube shields – similar in design to Scott’s and other high-quality receivers
of the time. The Breting 12 offered 550Kc to 32,000Kc 5-band reception using 12 tubes, dual panel meters and a
432Kc crystal I.F. filter. The 18 watt audio section uses a pair of 42's (push-pull) driven by a 42. It requires an external
12” electro-dynamic speaker. Built in 1935-1936 it listed for $155 complete with black crackle finish metal cabinet, tubes,
external speaker and crystal I.F. filter. Amateurs and experimenters could receive a 40% discount off the list price, so in
actuality, it sold for $93.00 F.O.B. Los Angeles.

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